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NOZE is an AI powered air quality monitor that works to keep you safe. Breathe easy.

NOZE is making

Сonquer the Virus

Noze tracks the airborne markers (VOCs) associated with the Coronavirus family. Our AI uses that information to deliver a real-time risk index that will not only tell you if your space is prone to spreading the virus, but whether there’s a chance the virus is actually in the air.

Break the Mold

NOZE monitors the air for spores and other markers associated with the most common types of indoor mold. Our mold index will tell you if it's likely that there’s mold around and whether your space is in danger of being a breeding ground.

What you can't see matters.

NOZE also monitors a range of other pollutants to help make indoor spaces safer places to live, work, and visit.

  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Ammonia
  • Formaldehyde
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Butanal
  • Particulate Matter
  • Ethanol
  • Tobacco Odour
  • Humidity

Clouds our thinking, lowers productivity & affects our sleep.

Exhaled breath from people & pets and open flames are the most common sources.

Irritates our noses and throats, amplifies allergies & triggers asthma.

Cleaning products are the most common sources.

Irritates the eyes, nose, throat & skin - and is often linked to cancer.

Pressed wood products like easy-to-assemble furniture are the most common sources.

Causes permanent damage to our respiratory system.

Wood fireplaces & fuel powered appliances are the most common sources.

Irritates our lungs causing coughing and shortness of breath.

Garbage, scented candles & cigarette smoke are the most common sources.

Irritates our lungs, aggravates allergies & can increase virus spread.

Cooking, cleaning & particles coming from the outdoors are the most common sources.

Causes headaches, nausea & irritates our lungs.

Cleaning detergents & hand sanitizers are the most common sources.

Seeps into furniture and can linger in a space for a long time.

If smoking is not allowed in your space, keep an eye behind closed doors.

Causes mold growth that triggers asthma & irritates our ears, nose and throat.

If humidity is too low, viruses can more easily survive and be transmitted.

Carbon Dioxide

What's more important, form
or function?

We didn’t think it was fair to have to choose.

Incredible power, right under your NOZE

Check in.

Keep an eye on things in real-time so you can have peace of mind all the time.

Share it.

Let others see what’s in the air before they come inside by sharing access to your Noze.

Are you a business?

You can stream your NOZE dashboard to a screen on-site, let people scan a QR code right off your door or even include it in your Google listing.

Track it.

Dive into the details to understand exactly what’s going on so you can take action in the moment.

Wondering if you should get a NOZE?

Any way you slice it, it’s a no brainer.

1. Reduce Virus spread
2. Watch out for Mold
3. Keep Asthma in check
4. Avoid Allergy flare ups
5. Improve your Sleep
6. Boost Productivity & Focus


How is NOZE different from other air quality monitors?

The technology behind NOZE is based on a digital nose sensor (also known as an e-nose). With this sensor, NOZE can precisely detect a wide range of pollutants and chemicals. In contrast, almost all other air quality monitors on the market today use a bundle of off-the-shelf sensors that are limited in what they can detect and can vary widely in quality, accuracy and reliability.

What is a digital nose?

A digital nose is a breakthrough technology that digitizes the sense of smell. It’s similar to how the camera digitized the sense of sight and the microphone digitized the sense of hearing.

What is the Virus Risk Index?

The Virus Risk Index is an AI-powered tool built into NOZE to help make indoor spaces safer places to live, work, and visit by monitoring the risk of virus transmission (tracking how conducive the air is to spreading the virus) and the risk of virus presence (tracking the likelihood that the virus is in the air).

Note: The Virus Risk Index is not intended to be an alternative to precautionary measures or laboratory testing.

How does the Virus Risk Index work?

The Virus Risk Index is a 10 point scale where values between 1 and 8 indicate an increasing risk of virus transmission, while values of 9 and 10 indicate a likelihood that the virus pathogen is present. To calculate this score, our AI analyzes five things: Airborne Volatiles related to the Coronavirus and Influenza, Particulate Matter, Temperature, Humidity and Carbon Dioxide.

What space can it cover?

The molecules in every gas and odour have different properties which impact how far they can travel and how fast they can be detected. A good rule of thumb for a typical indoor space is that NOZE can cover an area of up to 800 square feet (80 square meters) without barriers like walls or doors.

How many NOZE devices do I need?

If you want to monitor different rooms at the same time, we suggest that you place one NOZE in each room, depending on the layout. If you only have one NOZE then you should monitor the room where you spend most of your time or are the most concerned about.

What is the Warranty on NOZE?

NOZE comes with a one-year limited warranty.


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